The Road Traveled So Far

Patent Has been obtained!

1/1/2013 # US8344693 B2

5/1/2013 # EP2586114 A2

6/19/2013 # CN103168407 A

nVolt(TM) has been Filed 01/25/2013

We recently applied for a grant through NSF to develop the nVolt(TM) idea on a larger industrial and residential scale.

Currently we are in testing and manufacturing development.


Initial Planning

The initial design is setup to work with portable electronic devices small enough to fit in a pocket, ie cellphones and MP3 players

First Testing

The first test was merely for proving the possibility of the design, main features under scrutiny were voltage, speed and torque.

Once we were able to show that power was available, we developed a set up to spin by hand to prove the nVolt(TM) product is efficient enough to charge a cell phone.

3D Printing and Assembly

All initial designs were setup utilizing 3D polymer printing systems, this may still be a viable option for full run manufacturing. Our models were build by R and D Technologies.